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Explorable – The name of the theme itself gives you idea about it is a location based theme containing google maps and making it very easy for travellers. The full screen live Google Maps banner looks absolutely stunning, and because it is fully integrated with the Maps API, it offers full Google Maps functionality.

The bloggers are loving this theme to write the blogs on such a beautiful travel theme. It allows you easily find the location if one is stuck in middle or for long way route. It is possible due to the google maps integration and as the layout is responsive it allows you to work across all the devices say from large websites to small handheld devices.

The homepage of the theme is fully featured and hence you can zoom in, zoom out and scroll to see the entire planet. Locations can found using the Listings dropdown menu. There are also Advanced Search and Login Page templates. Basic customisation can be performed through the Theme Customizer flyout, which lets you change color scheme, font colors, and fonts. In addition tons of shortcodes are also generated.

Customer reviews :

Yann Said :

Explorable is a great WordPress theme. I might use it to build one of clients’ website Click To Tweet


  1. valina taylor

    I find Explorable a very interesting theme.

    Pros: The full screen live Google Maps at background with a slider over it looks awesome and as it is fully integrated with the Maps API, it offers full Google Maps functionality.

    Cons: I find the homepage layout little messy!! It will be great if it is made somewhat less complex.

    But really stunning work by you Elegant Themes. All the best.

  2. betty

    I was planning to build a website related to traveling blog and found Explorable theme that gave me the freedom to embed google maps with my site. Loved the fullscreen map at the background. It built an easy going website. Thanks ET.

  3. j mike

    Explorable, It is very nice theme for exploring your travel and tourist business, I’m very interested to use this theme to increase my business globally, In this theme one slider appear it gives the overall tourist place information with including a map of tourist places. It also provides the filter to get perfect searching of place.

    Very Impressive Theme………..!!!

  4. ryan

    As a user I found Explorable theme comes with very great features which played an important role in my travel business website like full screen live Google Maps banner which looks absolutely stunning with location indicator.

    it doesn’t include any payment based functionality

  5. jacob

    Explorable is such great theme which traverse my travelling business in a minimum time, and it visitor rating features give me more enegry to explore my buisness in all over the world..

    Heart of my buisness………..!

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