The main reason behind a successful website is attractive design which will drive more visitors to your site. One of the greatest advantage of WordPress is that one can easily change the theme at any time. It is indeed very simple to change the theme for the website from so many themes that are available. At times it is confusing to make the best choice from so many themes available. As there is a saying by Pat Riley, “Look for your choices, pick the best one, then go with it.

Here are some of the points that will help you out to make a better choice for the themes.

How to Select a Theme that will go well with your website

Know your site better

Before making a choice for the theme it is always good to go through the website and have a proper study of it. Pen down the customization that you require and your expectation from a particular theme.  It is always good to have the road map for your site before making a choice for your theme.

Pen down the features of your website

Note down all the features that are offered by your product and based on this make the choice for the theme that will go well with your website. Also comparison with the present theme will help you out to select a theme with additional features.

Proper Testing and study

After the theme is selected spend some time for testing of the particular theme. Find out whether all the features are working properly and the theme is going well with all the browsers. One can also have different test cases to find whether the particular theme selected has met with all the requirements.

Making things simple

It is always good to have the themes that are simple to understand and its implementation will not make your site look complex. You can opt for a simple changes initially and as the things progress you can have the complex one.

Layout of the theme

There are some of the themes that are available that allow you to change the width of the theme from the control panel. It is always good to have some one in your team with proper knowledge of CSS and PHP that will help you out with the design customization.


Make sure that the theme that is selected by you is responsive with other devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Every thing should be displayed properly in one column so that it will not ruin the look of your website on other devices.

Knowing the capability of the theme easily through Plugins:

The above points will partially help you out to make a right decision, but it is not wise to completely rely on them to make the choice. There should be a tool available that will help you to check the capability of the theme.

In order to check the latest WordPress standards and practices in a simple and easy way there is a tool available known as Theme Check.

Features of Theme Check:

  • Simple and easy way to test
  • Saves time as all the results are given at ones
  • Supported by different languages
  • Checks whether the themes meet with latest standards of WordPress themes
  • Ensures whether the themes has proper functioning in many different environments

It is also very important to keep a track on debugging and performance on database queries. So in order to cope up with this there is a plugin available known as Query Monitor.

Features of Query Monitor:

  • Views debugging and performance information on database queries
  • Keeps a track on hooks, conditionals and HTTP requests
  • Offers advanced features that are not available in other debugging plugins
  • Automatic AJAX debugging
  • Allows to set an authentication cookie Query Monitor output when you are not logged in

On the basis of the above points and plugins (Theme Check and Query Monitor) one can check the performance and security of the themes and help you out to make a better choice. This will help you out to avoid the confusions and to have the theme that is best suited for your website.

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