What Makes Visual Composer or Page Builder WordPress plugins Helpful

WordPress has indeed been very useful to the users to manage their content in a better way. It gives freedom to them to customize it as per their requirements with very less technical knowledge. If you are familiar with the HTML/CSS or you have the coding knowledge then it is indeed very advantageous for you as it allows you to customize the WordPress Theme as the way you want. But what if you are not familiar with any of the coding part and still you are planning to make the changes in the layout of the content. So by keeping this in mind WordPress Page Builder Plugins were introduced.

What is a WordPress Page Builder Plugin?

WordPress allows to present the content in an attractive manner for the visitors without using the code for it. There is no need to make any of the changes in the HTML or CSS, Page Builder plugins allows to style the area of the theme very easily. It gives you the chance to add rows as well as columns for the content and it can be dragged and dropped very easily.

Advantages of WordPress Page Builder Plugin:

  • Very simple to use and allows the user to simply drag and drop the elements.
  • There is no coding or technical knowledge required to use a page builder plugin.
  • Makes your content look appealing and attract more visitors to the site.
  • Gives you the full control to customize the look of the site

There are free Page Builder plugins available also there are premium themes that comes with Visual Composer plugin.

Free WordPress Page Builder- Site Origin Page Builder:

  • One of the free theme available for the Page Builder is the Site Origin Page Builder which is a very responsive theme.It is bundled with many good features in order to give a fresh look to your site and they are:
  • It allows to change the order of rows and also to change the size of the columns.
  • Visual composer comes packed with 40+ elements like Text Block, Row, Separator, Text Separator, Message Box, Facebook Like, Google+, Pinterest, FAQ, Single Image, Image Gallery, Tabs, Accordion, Icon Element, Posts Slider, widgetized Sidebar, Button, Call to Action, etc.
  • If you want to change the position of the element there is a simple drag and drop available for it.
  • It keeps the track on the history of the Page Builder.
  • Through the Live editor it gives the exact preview of the content and that can be easily edited.

Visual Composer Plugin:

Visual Composer is one of the premium plugin with almost more than 1,000,000+ Downloads that allows to give a full control on the site. This plugin allows to create an attractive layout for the site without touching any piece of code. It is one of the best drag and drop page builder bundled with so many great features.

NOTE: Most of the themes from themeforest and many other themes comes with Visual Composer plugin, there is no need to purchase it separately. I have downloaded one of the theme from themeforest and I got this plugin.  You also get Revolution Slider plugin along with it which is to be activated.

Visual Composer Settings:

When the plugin is activated then there will be different options related to the settings on the admin panel and they are:

1) General Settings:

All the settings related to the responsiveness of the mobiles and tablets and subsets of the Google fonts for the content elements can be selected from here.

2) Role Manager:

It allows to give a control on different options and settings for the particular user group from here. There can be different access and rights that can be set for Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor and Shop Manager.

3) Design options:

When this option is enabled then custom CSS file is used for it. It will allow you to change the color of different elements such as the accent color, hover color, Google maps background etc. One can also set the width of the mobile screen and bottom margin of the elements from here.

4) Custom CSS:

The CSS code for the plugin can be added from here without actually modifying the files for it.

5) Shortcode Mapper:

It allows to add the shortcodes of the third party vendors to the content elements by adding the shortcode string for it.

6) Grid Builder:

Grid Builder allows to represent the posts and other posts types in an elegant way to attract more visitors. There are different grid elements that can be used. It allows to add the grid from this option.


Working of Visual Composer:

Ones this plugin is activated, you will find the Backend editor as well as the Frontend editor button in order to access the builder. This will allow you to add different elements and save different settings on the particular page.

Page Elements:

When you click on the Backend editor then different page elements can be added for it. They are categorized into different categories such as Content, Social, Structure, New Elements, WordPress Widgets, Navigation and Deprecated. There are about 40+ predefined elements that can be added. In order to rearrange the elements this can be simply done by the drag and drop method. There are also many options that are present for it such as the Social Sharing, Carousels, Sliders, different widgets, maps and many more.

On the admin panel one will also find the option Team as well as Works (portfolios) where the details can be filled and can be used for the elements.


This option allows saving the current layout as a template and lists them all towards the bottom. It allows to use the previously saved template with the current layout. There are also some of the default templates that are provided that can be easily appended to the current layout.

Frontend Editor:

Visual Composer also provides with front end editor that allows the user to make the changes for the particular page from the front end. It consists of all the options such as Add Element, Add TextBlock and Add Template that are similar to the back end editor. It also allows to change the title of the page and also add the Custom CSS settings for it.

Apart from the above 2 Page builders, If you purchase Developers Membership of Elegant Themes, you get Divi Page Builder along with that. Tesla Themes Club also offers Visual Composer along with their few themes.

This WordPress Plugins have indeed ease the task of the users who love WordPress and the thing that is pulling them back is the lack of technical knowledge. Such Page Builder WordPress Plugin gives you the control to present the content of the page in an attractive manner and it is indeed an icing on the cake for them!

Do you think Page Builders are great help in creating a nice layout without much effort? Which is your favorite Page builder plugin? Share your thoughts in comments.

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