This is How I Found Perfect WordPress Theme for My Requirement!

WordPress is truly awesome that allows you to build a beautiful website easily with absolutely no technical knowledge. As there are so many options that are available to build a beautiful site, so it definitely becomes very difficult to make the choice that is best suitable.

To share my personal experience with you guys the job was pretty difficult. I really love to pen down my thoughts and share it with others and get their feedback. One of my good friend suggested me to start my own personal blogging website where everything can be tracked very easily. Initially I was bit hesitant to start my own fully fledged site, but due to the motivation and encouragement I got from my friends I finally made up my mind to do so. I decided to choose WordPress for my personal blogging website and I am really proud of my decision as almost half of all new websites run on WordPress which is really amazing. More over it is an open source that too available for free.

Challenges faced in creating a website:

Though everything was ready in my mind, the way my site should look and its content but there were some big hurdles that I had to cross to reach my goal. And those hurdles comprised of:

  • Getting Hosting: Getting a good hosting for your site is really very important, so a wise choice is to be made while making the selection for it.
  • Setting a budget: Being a start up it is good to know about the budget that you have and the way it should be invested. It is always advised to start with a low pace and when you get some profits from it than definitely you can invest more.
  • Establishing your place for Search Engines: Getting a rank for the search engines is the core and important part for building a website. So the site should be designed in such a way by keeping SEO in mind and it should be SEO optimized.
  • Building Content : For any of the blogging website, content can be considered as its backbone. So it is good to plan and categorized the content that is to be published.
  • First impression: Looks and Home page plays a vital role in diverting traffic to your site. So design and present the site in such a way that will attract more visitors to your site.

WordPress Themes- Enhancing the look of the site:

The success of any of the WordPress site development depends largely on the themes that you are choosing. So it is very important to have a close look on the theme that will be best suited for the site that you are building. Some of the important factors that can be considered while selecting the theme includes:

  • Clean look: The look of the website always depends on the first page. This can be easily achieved by selecting the right WordPress Theme that is best suited for the site that is build by you.
  • Easy to customize: It is very important that the theme which is selected by you should be easy to customize as per the requirements and should provide with the theme options to do so. This will avoid to make any changes with the code or CSS.
  • Responsive: The theme that is to be selected is to be responsive that will allow the visitors to easily access the site from anywhere. This can be considered as a very important feature for selecting of the right theme.
  • Loading Speed: The performance of any of the theme depends on the quality of the code, so the page loading speed of the website depends on the the theme that one is using.
  • SEO: It is mandatory that the theme is to be designed by keeping SEO in mind, so to have a better results on the search engines the code of the theme is to be SEO optimized.
  • Additional features: It is good to have the theme that provides you with some additional plugins and theme options that will ease the work and definitely help in enhancing the look of the site.

PurposeThemes: The real Savior:

There are so many WordPress Themes available under so many theme clubs and authors. To name a few of them is Themeforest, StudioPress, Themify, Press75 and still many more…. I was in real confusion and frustrated to find the right theme by considering all the factors that are mentioned above. To be frank with you I really thought that I should hire a person with immense knowledge who will check these factors and find the best theme for me… LOL 🙂 I know the pains that I took initially to just find the theme for my blogging site. I still remember one day while searching the theme for my site I came across Fable theme by Elegant themes. You won’t believe what I found was totally amazing. I came across PurposeThemes which was a central place for all the themes from all the theme authors, various categories, features. Gosh! This was what I needed!There are about 526 themes available just for the blogging category.

PurposeThemes is an ocean of WordPress Themes Click To Tweet

It consisted of:

  • Themes listed based on different categories
  • ptScore given to each of the theme based on Design, Speed, Responsiveness, Ease of Customization, SEO, Security and Pricing.
  • ptReview for some of the famous themes given by experts after evaluating.
  • Comparison between different themes
  • Each theme comprising of description, offers section, attributes and the related theme.
  • User reviews along with their scoring.
  • And the related theme for the one you are searching.

This was like WOW! Why would somebody invest so much time in searching different platforms when there is everything under a single roof.

I will really appreciate the efforts that is put forth by the team in listing mostly all the themes and thus saving our time and efforts. Also a person with basic technical knowledge and who is not a developer will find it the best way to choose the best theme. I will surely recommend all the WordPress users to have a look on PurposeThemes and feel free to share their views, just as I did!

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  1. Ouch ! My Bad — for not finding your blog sooner. Wasted lots of time and about $300 trying to get to the point of making correct decisions for my blog and websites. Your insights are excellent. Thanks

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