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Visual Composer vs. Divi Page Builder vs. Themify Builder Plugin for WordPress

I should really give credit to PurposeThemes that gave me an opportunity to have a close look between different themes belonging to different categories. From past few months I have been following some of the popular theme clubs very closely and found the different features that are offered by them. One of the thing that I found in most of the themes was that, the one having page builder plugins had a better user reviews and customization options. This page builder varied from theme to theme but their purpose was the same. So I decided to pick some of the popular page builders that are offered by different theme clubs and to find which one is better for you. I know it is not a simple task, but it would be definitely fruitful for other people while making the choice for the theme that is best suitable for them.

Role played by Page Builder:

Before actually proceeding and making the comparison between different page builders, it is very important to know about the role that is played by it for building a beautiful site. In order to present the content in a beautiful way to attract the visitors without using a single piece of code, page builder plays an amazing role for it. WordPress page builders can be considered as tool to build a good website. One of the best thing that it offers is that even a person with no technical knowledge can easily use a page builder. Also you feel that you have full control over the site and also can be customized very easily as per the requirements.

I have considered some of the factors such as ease of customization, design, simplicity to understand and the effective result while making the comparison between these themes. I have selected 3 important and most famous Page Builder Plugins.

1) Visual Composer:


It would be insane if you talk about the page builder without considering Visual Composer. It is one of the very famous page builder offered by WPBakery with more than 1,000,000 Downloads. It provides with the most attractive page layout without even touching a piece of code. Visual Composer Page Builder plugin is indeed very helpful.

I have evaluated this page builder by considering some of the factors as below:

Features offered:

  • Visual Composer offers you with the options for both back-end and front-end editing.
  • It comes with over 40+ elements like Text Block, Row, Separator, Text Separator, Message Box, Facebook Like, Google+, Pinterest, FAQ, Single Image, Image Gallery, Tabs, Accordion, Icon Element, Posts Slider, widgetized Sidebar, Button, Call to Action, etc. that can be used to build the pages.
  • Keeps a proper rack on the history of the Page Builder.
  • There can be different roles and access that can be set for different user groups through the settings.
  • It offers with different default templates that can be used easily and also allows to save the particular template.
  • It works well with any of the WordPress theme.
  • To give your site a new and beautiful look, you do not have to master in coding languages such as CSS and HTML, it provides you with a good editor and allows to make the changes with simplicity.

Ease of use:

As there are so many options and elements that are offered by Visual Composer so it is good to be familiar with the options initially and then proceed further. Initially a person with less technical knowledge will find it very difficult to use it. It is advised to go through the documentation and the tutorials.


The cost of Visual Composer is $34 and there is additional $10.20 for extending the support to 12 months. Moreover Tesla Themes Club and Themeforest Themes Club also offers Visual Composer along with their few themes


Visual Composer plugin is perfect with no disadvantage. But if it is to mentioned I will consider the cost of the Visual Composer plugin is one of the con. As there are many page builder plugins that are available for free like Site Origin.

2) Divi Page Builder:


One of the greatest and useful plugin offered by Elegant themes back in 2013 was Divi. It is one of the smartest theme with a very responsive design and different pre-made layouts and a very responsive design. It is bundled with so many features but the best thing that is offered by it is the Divi Builder. It transforms the elements in to a visual building block without actually touching a single line of code.

The factors that were taken into consideration while evaluating this theme is as given below:

Features offered:

  • It allows to use the pre-defined layout and even allows to create your own layout.
  • There are about 30 modules and 20 different column layouts that are offered by Divi. Some of the modules are Accordion, Audio, Bar Counters, Blog, Blurb, Call To Action, Circle Counter, Code, Contact Form, Divider, Email Option, Login, Map, Number Counter, Portfolio, Post Title, Pricing Tables, Shop, Testimonial, Text, Video, Video Slider.
  • It allows to represent the content in a beautiful way though you are not a developer or a person with less technical knowledge.
  • There can be different roles that can be set in order use the module that you want to use
  • It also provides with a very good user experience and you require very less time to become familiar with it.

Ease of use:

Though there are different options and modules that are available with the Divi Page Builder but it requires some time to get familiar with it same as Visual Composer. You can go through the tutorials and demos.


If one purchases Developers Membership for Elegant Themes than one gets the Divi Page Builder with it. Also By paying $69, you get the complete access to all the themes and get the Divi Page Builder along with Divi Theme.


  • The page builder only provides with the back end editing.
  • It does not provide with some of the elements that other page builder provides.

3) Themify Builder:


The Themify Builder comes bundled with all Themify’s themes but also you can get the plugin separately. It provides with a direct drag and drop builder that will give a new look to the pages. It will also help to view the results from the builders live preview function. There are ready to use modules that can be used for pages as well as post.

Below are some of the factors that were used for the evaluation of the product.

Features offered:

  • Themify builder allows you to build the website pages easily from the front end.
  • It is bundled with many modules and also allows you to drag and drop the interface.
  • It also allows you to use it with the other themes besides the Themify themes.
  • Themify builder offers 8 pre-designed layouts and more than 15 modules to choose from. Some of the modules are Accordion, Box, Callout, Divider, Feature, Gallery, Image, Layout Part, Map, Menu and many more.
  • It is easy to understand and you need not invest much time to understand it.

Ease of Use:

Themify Builder is very easy to understand and implement, also you can check the tutorials and document that is offered by them to have a better understanding.


This builder comes with all the themes of Themify as part of the framework. But if you wish to use the plugin with some other theme than you can easily get it at $39.


Though this builder provides with many modules and easy to customize but it is not that feature rich as compared to Divi.

Choice is yours!

I know the pains that one has to take while designing a good website. A page builder will definitely help to enhance the look and design of your site. Though there are many page builder plugins that are available but their purpose is the same. Now it is your choice to get familiar with them and to decide which one is best suitable. And I hope that this post will definitely help you to make the right choice.

You are always welcome to share your views and personal experiences.

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