How to Add Site Logo in WordPress Theme using Jetpack Plugin

The look and feel of blogs is well defined by the WordPress Themes. The main idea to have a theme is to have a website that will attract more and more visitors. There are various things that are to be considered while choosing a particular theme for the website. One can also add or change the logo to match the business. One of the important thing that should be kept in mind while searching for the theme is that, make sure you are able to customize the theme and upload the logo for your business.

This can be well achieved by Site Logo feature of the Jetpack. Below are the simple steps to add site Logo in WordPress Theme using Jetpack:

Step 1] In order to add site logo in WordPress Theme using Jetpack one needs to activate the Jetpack plugin. After you have downloaded the zip file and added to the plugins folder go to:

Admin Panel  >> Installed Plugins >> Jetpack >> Activate

Step 2] For Site Logo

In the dashboard, go to:

Appearance >> Customize and then click on Site Title and Tagline section

Step 3] Towards the bottom there will be Add Logo button that will open the Media Manager. One can either upload the image or select the one that is already in the Media Library.

Step 4] After you are done with the changes click on Save and Publish in order to activate the logo on the site.

Steps to be followed by Theme developers to add support for the Site Logo:

Step 1] Declare support in a function hooked to after_setup_theme

add_theme_support( 'site-logo' );

It is also possible to pass the arguments to site logos for customization.

$args = array(
    'header-text' => array(
    'size' => 'medium',
add_theme_support( 'site-logo', $args ) 

Step 2] To output the logo in header.php use the template tag. Also make sure to include function_exists() check to avoid fatal errors if Jetpack isn’t activated.

Following these simple steps you are done with adding site logo in WordPress Theme using Jetpack. With this feature you can set the logo once and it will be displayed for most themes. The theme that will support it will display the logo in its own unique way which is consistent with that theme design.

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