Divi 3.0 Issues and Changelog. 5 Updates in 10 Days

Divi 3.0 update with visual front-end builder broke the Internet on Sep 6, 2016. Many people asked about the changelog of Divi 3.0 as what other new features or fixes they got with the update. Well, the changelog of Divi 3.0 suggests that it came only with Visual Builder, nothing else. But after v3.0, the team released lot many other updates (listed later in this article). Visual Builder of Divi 3.0 got mostly positive response and people loved that. It is fast and clutter free. If you are familiar with the back-end Divi Builder, you will find it very easy to use as well. But Chris Lema feels that the first time users will struggle while operating with this Visual builder.

As much as engineers will be thrilled at the ingenuity of Divi Builder 3, I think end users – especially first timers – will struggle.

Well, the Divi community loved this feature and feeling more capable of creating better pages. At the same time, many people reported issues such as conflicts with plugins such as Revolution Slider, Adrotate, Formidable Pro, Essential Grid etc.


One customer suggested following issues with Divi 3.0 update,

– A full width row will not allow to access to the section interface (blue one)
– Thin sections won’t be accessible at all. (must go to the Back-end Builder)
– Difficulties to add a new section at the bottom of a page. (existing workaround…)
– Some text size setting sliders won’ t work at all.(random)
– Alzheimer Visual Builder : Some modifications won’t be saved at all.(random)
– “Save” is slow-downing as the number of sections/rows and modifications grow.
– boxed websites will be suddenly displayed full left while using the Visual Builder .

but at the same time, he had good words for the team too,

But we must admit that it is a really really ambitious project, and that a tremendous work has been done to get here. E.T. team is courageous and hard workers.

Well, to fix these issues and as per other tickets raised by customers, Elegant Themes team has released total 5 updates in the first 10 days of Divi 3.0 release. Which means almost 1 update every 2 days.

Changelog for Divi 3.0 Update

version 3.0.5 ( updated 09-14-2016 )
– You can now type color codes into the in-line editor’s color input field.
– Removed unwanted padding below columns that resulted in a different amount padding in the Visual Builder when compared to the front end.
– Adjusted tooltip tabs to work better in longer words in alternate languages.
– CTA buttons will now remain hidden in the Visual Builder when no URL is entered.
– Fixed issues with the email opt in module not working in Firefox.
– Improved compatibility with third party modules.
– Custom text color will now correctly override the module’s base color.
– Fixed issues with the Visual Builder in IE due to unsupported ES2016 syntax.
– Fixes issues with adding modules into specialty sections.

version 3.0.4 ( updated 09-12-2016 )
– Fixed issue with animated images not appearing outside the Visual Builder.

version 3.0.3 ( updated 09-12-2016 )
– Fixed issue with the Full Width Code Module that caused the Visual Builder to fail to save.
– Fixed an issue with the Portfolio Module that caused the Visual Builder to fail to save for some users.
– Private pages saved via the Visual Builder will now be saved correctly as private.
– Fixed various rendering issues with the Audio module when viewed inside the Visual Builder.
– Disabled modules will now show their current visibility-state while using the responsive preview toggles.
– Fixed typo in the Row width unit switcher in the Visual Builder.

version 3.0.2 ( updated 09-10-2016 )
– Fixed issue with (+) overlap when footer menu and footer widgets are not present.
– Fixed issues with Post Navigation module rendering inside the Visual Builder.
– Right click menu now works correctly for specialty sections.
– In-line Editor will no longer leave the screen view-port when activated at the top or to the sides of the browser.
– Improved error handling for library items loading.

version 3.0.1 ( updated 09-08-2016 )
– Added footer credits editor to Theme Customizer.
– Fixed various third party module conflicts in the Visual Builder.
– Fixed issue with content width misalignment in the Visual Builder while boxed layout was enabled.
– Fixed occurrences where the in-line editor did not save properly
– The save button will now appear automatically when attempting to leave the Visual Builder without saving.
– Fixed issues with IE11 and the Slider Module when viewed inside the Visual Builder.
– Fixed problem with the rendering of the divider module height setting in the Visual Builder.

One can find the Divi Changelog in Member Area of Elegant Themes.

So the current version of Divi is v3.0.5 and it is suggested to update Divi to its latest version using the auto update feature. There is no doubt that Nick Roach and his team has put tremendous amount of effort on this drag and drop page builder. The way they executed Divi 100 Marathon was also a milestone for a product update launch. Looking forward to receive more fixes and update for Divi as lot many websites are running on this awesome WordPress theme under different environments.

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