12 Example Websites Built with Beaver Builder Theme, Plugin and Templates

After comparing all page builders, we found Beaver Builder as one of our favorite Website Builder for WordPress. With available template designs and ready to use modules, you can create beautiful pages with better conversion and engagement. Without any knowledge of coding, you can add elements such as counter, maps, slideshow, carousel, contact form, pricing table and many more with a simple drag and drop method. Adding media files like audio, video and images are very easy using this builder. Well, after seeing the demo of Beaver Builder, I wanted to see all the example websites which are currently using this awesome plugin and template and created a live website.

Beaver Builder allows non-developers to add modules without messing up the code and lowering the performance. It’s a little pricey but the best Page Builder for WordPress.

A live working website with all these modules and elements places properly will give you real feel of this amazing page builder. To search the live websites, you need to find bb-plugin (Beaver Builder plugin) and bb-theme active on the site, which you can see in the page source. I found few great sites with beautifully placed elements and modules and totally created using Beaver Builder. Checkout the list and see what you can do with this amazing piece of page builder.

Beaver Builder doesn’t leave shortcodes (like many other popular page builders) inside the content area after deactivation. That why I love this plugin.
1. Renegade Empire


Renegade Empire is a digital marketing and consulting agency based in Australia. They provide business consulting, WordPress website maintenance, brand design and promotion, Inbound Marketing SEO and many other such services.

The website includes modules such as call to action button, gallery, testimonials, callout, menu, social buttons etc. Front page is having a large background image for a content module and that looks great. The placement of CTA at the bottom of the page is also very effective and looks professional. I also liked the gallery modules placed under “Our Work” portfolio page and again one CTA module at the bottom of the portfolio is a smart placement.

Such agency website with 5 – 6 pages can be easily made with Beaver Builder Plugin and Theme. This site is also using the theme along with the plugin.

2. Hi-Chew


Hi-Chew is a famous candy company from Japan. They make fruity chewy candy of many flavors and they even export the candy to different parts of world. Flavors such as strawberry, mango, green apple, cherry, banana etc. are very famous and kids just love these candy.

The website is having a colorful design and you start feeling like having a candy right in your mouth by just looking at the design. The website is built with Beaver Builder. Modules like CTA (call to action) is being used in an effective way. The website is also using some other WordPress plugins like Flow Flow Social Stream along with Beaver Builder Content Module to place the latest tweets on the homepage.

On Products page, I liked the placement of slider module of Beaver Builder. The design of this site is very much customized but the base is based on beaver Builder only. BY properly placing the content modules and rich text after one another, the storyboard has been prepared on the Story page of the website.

3. {ae} Design Co.


{ae} Design Co. is a California based design and digital marketing strategy company. They provide services like Digital Marketing, Website Development and Design, SEO, Digital Analytics, Digital Printing etc. WordPress users can also ask for site maintenance as they offer the same.

The website is using post grid view to showcase the work on the portfolio page. You can also see callout and CTA placed at multiple locations on the site. Blog is looking clean and minimal with the placement of social sharing icons. I also like the photo in mosaic view on the contact form page.

To build this website, the developer and designer has used Genesis framework and Beaver Builder plugin. So the power of Genesis framework along with Beaver Builder can create magic on any website in terms of performance, looks and SEO.

4. Late Nite Art


Late Nite Art is is Oakland, California based event management with coverage about the organized events on The Huffington Post, The Oakland Tribune,  East Bay Express etc. The list of clients for this social bonding and team development lab includes P&G, Instagram, Zendesk, Pandora, Accenture, SAP  and many more.

Photos are an important part of such companies and that’s why they need to showcase photos in an elegant and engaging way. The website uses Photo Gallery module of Beaver Builder with Mosaic look to showcase multiple photos on the page. CTA buttons placed at the bottom of the page and testimonials placed with the reference are looking great too. Placement of these modules using drag and drop method is really simple and easy to do.

The upcoming events section is also design with Beaver Builder content module populated with rich text. The website is using Beaver Builder Theme along with the plugin.

5. Stevens & Stevens Inc.


Stevens and Stevens Inc. is a Florida based business records management company. They store some important documents from small, medium and large Enterprise from sectors including banks, healthcare, legal, insurance, education, real estate, manufacturing etc.

The website looks clean, well designed and attractive. I liked the featured area built with Beaver Builder and also the CTA placed below the same. The map module is placed on the contact page along with the contact form in the sidebar. Even the blog looks great with simple sidebar and social sharing options at the bottom.

Beaver Builder theme is also being used along with the plugin and that is visible in the page source. All the pages are well designed with media placement on left/right side and content.

6. 3001 Web


3001 Web is a website development and WordPress hosting company with hosting servers located in US, UK and other parts of world. Earlier the company was named 2001 Web but the founder changed it’s name last year to 3001 Web. As the company was founded in 2001, that’s why 2001 Web but now they are promoting it as a futuristic web hosting company with name as 3001 Web.

The website’s homepage is having nice button modules and pricing table which looks interesting. The placement of content modules with rich text and buttons also look cool on the portfolio page.

Blog of 3001 Web is having left sidebar with subscription and category widgets. This site is using Beaver Builder theme along with the plugin.

7. Cinema Suite


Cinema Suite is a digital media agency with expertise in Visual Tool designing, Graphics, 3D Animations, VFX, GUI Design, Video Production and Editing etc. The company is based in Canada and is using Beaver Builder Theme and Plugin for the amazing website.

The website is having a video background for the featured area module and also having multiple CTA and buttons. Icon and callout placements on the homepage is amazing and it looks very professional. Along with that, the CTA in the left side area and Icons in right side is looking perfect. At few places the use of columns and similar designs are visible and looking good. Such designs are easy to build using Beaver Builder options.

On about page the map module as well as the contact form module has been used. Blog’s index page is look dynamic with the grid layout. With ready templates and few CSS changes, such designs are possible using the Beaver Builder theme and plugin.

8. Lion’s Head Productions


Lion’s Head Productions is an audio processing company. They process the audio files to make that better by noise cancellation, click and pop removal, volume balancing and many other techniques.

The website is using Beaver Builder plugin and theme. The ready templates of Beaver Builder is being used with great clean layout and smart placements of modules like buttons and CTA. The testimonials module is also being used at some places and it is very easy to drag and drop the module on the Beaver Builder panel.

On contact page, Wufoo Form Builder is being used along with Beaver Builder. You can also use the contact form available with Beaver Builder but that will have limited options.

9. NewSprout


NewSprout is a broadband service provider based in Australia. They also provide web hosting, domain registration and website designing services.

The website is using slider module on the homepage and below that some callouts are placed with icons and buttons. It is very easy to put columns on the site and divide the page accordingly. Photo module is being used to showcase the list of clients on the page.

I also liked the 2 columns layout to showcase the contact form and the address on homepage itself. The blog is using right sidebar with subscription widget after the content area. The website is using Beaver Builder theme along with the plugin.

10. The Empowered Practice


The Empowered Practice is the website for dentists to boost their business by learning techniques on getting new patients. There are some in-depth videos to explain the ways to grow business by $50,000 to $100,000 each time implemented.

The website is developed using Beaver Builder plugin and Genesis framework theme. The placement of testimonials module in slider form, CTA and buttons in features area on the homepage. There is a CTA at the bottom of the “About us” page too.

A contact form module is being used everywhere on the website and it is very easy to put such forms using Beaver Builder.

11. Southburgh Festival of World Music


Southburgh Festival of World Music is a concert schedule to happen on 28 – 30 July 2017. Music lovers from around the world will come to Southburgh, UK for this festival and participate in music, food and other activities.

The website of this festival is built with Beaver Builder theme and plugin. Grid view of posts, maps module, contact form module on the homepage looks cool. Again on the Directions page, you can see maps module being used with the 2 column layout.

Designing multi-column pages is very easy with Beaver Builder plugin as you don’t need to code or write HTML/CSS for the same. Just drag and drop the modules and build a nice webpage.

12. Mathefrosch Test


Mathefrosch Test is a German website with free tutorials and test on mathematics. You need to register and login to see the tests and even you can take part in online quizzes and games.

The website is having CTA module of Beaver Builder placed on the homepage along with the featured area module and many sections with buttons and content. It is using both Beaver Builder Theme as well as plugin to server the design. The contact form module is used at placed to get in touch. At the bottom of the homepage, you can see testimonials module placed inside a slider.

Building such websites using Beaver Builder is very easy. You only need to install the plugin to get the Page Builder on edit panel and start customizing pages or posts. These websites are live example of the use of Beaver Builder Plugin, Theme and Templates.

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If you know any other great website built with Beaver Builder, share that via comment.

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