StudioPress Acquired by WPEngine – Everything You Need to Know

Finally, the news came in that the WordPress design company StudioPress has been acquired by the world’s ace hosting provider WPEngine. This is indeed a big move as the world’s most sought-after and popular WordPress design framework Genesis will be paired with the like of WPEngine. According to the industry experts, the StudioPress acquisition is an intelligent move as it will integrate all the services with the WPEngine. With this move, StudioPress and WPEngine are surely going to dominate the online world.

What is StudioPress?

StudioPress is a company founded by Brian Gardner that created a dynamic WordPress framework called Genesis. The Genesis Framework was created to fill the gaps that WordPress has. It also designed so that you can create your own child themes or purchase child themes from StudioPress. Till date, it has more than 500000 websites that are powered by Genisis framework which contributes to the 30% of the total WordPress users.

People are more inclined towards going for Genesis because it takes care of the Search Engine Optimization part. It improves SEO, design, and performance of the website. The themes available with StudioPress are really easy to use. Those who are looking to design a website for themselves without any hassle pt for StudioPress. It enables them to focus on those things which they like. This includes things like creating content, webinars, podcasts etc.

What is WPEngine?

WP Engine is the WordPress Digital Experience Platform that gives companies of all sizes the agility, performance, intelligence, and integrations they need to drive their business forward faster. WP Engine’s combination of tech innovation and an award-winning team of WordPress experts are trusted by over 80,000 companies across 135 countries to provide counsel and support, helping brands create world-class digital experiences. Its plans start from $35 per month and goes up to $290 per month. The company has been founded by Jason Cohen in 2010.

What will happen with this acquisition?

In a blog post written by StudioPress’ founder Brian Gardner said,

“WP Engine brings the “more” that we need and will provide the investment and leadership necessary to evolve and grow the StudioPress suite of products. Honoring our open source and community driven legacy, they will expand support for contributors and the community. It will happen by providing meaningful opportunities for people to contribute to Genesis and build their own solutions which leverage the Framework.”

Things are going to strengthen the foundation of the acquisition between StudioPress and WP Engine are:

  • Investment and integration: WPEngine has long term plans of investing in the ongoing development of the open source Genesis Framework. Also, it is planning to build more solutions that would leverage this framework. Moreover, the Genesis framework will be completely integrated with WPEngines core solutions. This will give a new experience to the users.
  • Faster, more elegant digital experiences: StudioPress Themes will allow WP Engine to offer dozens of highly optimized and responsive themes. This will give a variety of options to the users to choose from.
  • Ecosystem expansion: The addition of StudioPress expands WP Engine’s support for third-party plugins and products created to add functionality or support for the use of the Genesis Framework. It also provides additional content in support of the framework and the ecosystem on WP Engine’s publications.

Looks like, this acquisition is going to bring on an awesome experience to the users as they are excited to see both the big shots working together. This is going to give a competition to other web hosting services as the combination of StudioPress and WPEngine is really a kickass one. So those who were willing to work on Genesis and WPEngine both will find everything at one place and the processes will become really easy for them.

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