How to Find the Release Date of Hosted Themes

The design and the functionality of the WordPress site depends upon WordPress Themes. There are so many themes that are available. They are very useful in giving the site a unique look. Free WordPress Themes are mostly hosted on to download and use. Each theme in  consists of the information of the particular theme along with its description, ratings and other details.

It will also show the stats of download per day and the total download. Towards the right it will show the details regarding the last update of the particular theme. One can also find the option to preview and download the particular theme.


Release Date of the Theme:

Knowing release date of a WordPress theme is important as it may help you in deciding whether the theme will work with older version of WordPress (in case you are using the same). Release date is also important as it states that since how may months or years, the developer is providing support for the theme. You will find the Last updated date of the theme easily on the theme page, but the release date is not directly mentioned. Here is how you can see the release date of the WordPress theme. At the bottom of the theme page, one will find the option of Browse the Code Option.  It is divided into three categories such as Development Log, Subversion Repository and Browse in Trac. Click on the Development Log that will lists the release date of the particular theme. It will display the Age, Author and Log Message for the particular theme. When one hovers at the Age of the particular theme then it will show the date along with the time for the particular version release.


To make it simpler to understand there will be a color indication that will be given for each of the version of the theme. The colors for the particular theme will indicate whether the particular version is added, modified or renamed. By selecting the particular theme one can easily view the changes for the theme.

One can easily check the last updated towards the right and the release date of the particular theme from the Development Log with all the details.

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