How to Choose Best Suitable WordPress Theme Framework

One of the biggest question that arises in the minds of people when they have decided to build a website for their product is regarding its look and features. The best way to give a new feel and look to your website is through WordPress Theme Framework. There are so many WordPress Theme Framework available and making the choice from them is really confusing. But before switching on to WordPress Theme Framework it is really important to have an understanding about it.

What is WordPress Theme Framework?

A WordPress theme framework is a code library that is used to facilitate development of a theme. It consists of extra features that allows the users to customize, adapt and also extend it. The theme frameworks are intended to be used as a parent theme template where all the functionality will reside. Framework can be considered as a most efficient way to create WordPress Theme. It can be considered as a starter theme that will help to boost your performance and efficiency. It is also used for featuring in depth templating systems. It also helps to get faster the process of designing and coding the WordPress theme. Thus it also saves the time also it is very easy to update for the future releases of WordPress.

Some of the popular WordPress theme frameworks are Atahualpa, Genesis, Thesis, Hybrid Core, Gantry and many more. Here are few pointers which one should check in framework before using the same.

Factors that should be kept in mind to choose WordPress Theme Framework:

There are certain factors that are to be kept in mind while the choice is to be made for selecting the best WordPress Theme and those are:

Responsive Design:

While selecting a particular WordPress Theme Framework it is very important that the particular theme is responsive. It should be operative on all the devices which will allow the visitors to access it anywhere and anytime. Looking for the WordPress theme which is responsive can be considered as one of the important factor before making a choice for the WordPress Theme Framework.

Support, Documentation and Help:

Though you are an expert and have all the technical knowledge but it is always good to have someone from the support team to guide you. Also make sure that the theme is updated regularly and the support team is always there to render you the help for sorting your issues.

Flexibility to Extend:

The WordPress Theme Framework that is to be selected is to be flexible. One should be able to customize the layout as well as the design. Also one should also be able to extend the framework. It should provide you with the environment to customize the themes easily.

Good Code with Standards:

When you are using a framework make sure that it follows certain coding standards so that it can work well with all the plugins. Keep on testing and take reviews from others before making the choice.


It should provide with all the features where one must be able to keep a track on all the styles, layouts and other SEO related features. According to the needs and requirements one should select the WordPress Theme framework that will go well with the website.


These are some of the points that will help you to make a better choice for the framework. Besides these there are other factors that are also to be considered while selecting a particular theme. One should also keep a track on the Performance and Security of the theme that is selected. Following these points you will be definitely able to make the right choice for the WordPress Theme Framework. Genesis and Thesis are recommended commercial WordPress theme framework. If you are looking for free WordPress theme framework, Atahualpa, Gantry and Hybrid are good ones.

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