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How To Create WordPress Theme using and Bootstrap

If you are new to WordPress and you are just a beginner than building a WordPress Theme is definitely not an easy task. It is always good to gather the information and to have the idea in the mind about the theme that is to be built. One of the most complex thing is to deal with all the files and to know the purpose of them. It might be difficult for you if you are not much familiar to them. So instead of building everything right from the scratch Automattic team developed the Underscore starter theme for the WordPress developers to design and develop an amazing theme for WordPress.

Creating a WordPress Theme using Underscores and Twitter Bootstrap 3:

There are times when the Web developers have to rely on the designers to complete a particular project which is indeed very time consuming task. To avoid such situations, Twitter Bootstrap play a very vital or key role. Twitter Bootstrap can be considered as a CSS framework in order to design web applications. Twitter Bootstrap has already have the CSS style sheet written and also has an inbuilt jQuery support along with some JavaScript tools. This is indeed time saving and a helping tool.

Steps to create WordPress Theme using Underscores and Twitter Bootstrap 3:

Step 1] Go to and generate your base theme.


The downloaded folder will contain all the files that are needed to build a WordPress Theme.

Step 2] Now go to and you can get the copy of the source code from the download section.


The downloaded folder is with the name bootstrap-3.1.1-dist so rename the folder to bootstrap.

Step 3] Now copy the bootstrap folder into the underscores starter theme.


Step 4] From the functions.php, search function Enqueue scripts and styles and add the following script below it:

function wpmice_scripts() { 
wp_enqueue_style( ‘bootstrap’, get_template_directory_uri() . ‘/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css’); 
wp_enqueue_script( ‘bootstrap-js’, get_template_directory_uri() . ‘/bootstrap/js/bootstrap.min.js’, array(‘jquery’), ”, true );
wp_enqueue_style( ‘wpmice-style’, get_stylesheet_uri() ); 
wp_enqueue_script( ‘wpmice-navigation’, get_template_directory_uri() . ‘/js/navigation.js’, array(), ‘20120206’, true );
wp_enqueue_script( ‘wpmice-skip-link-focus-fix’, get_template_directory_uri() . ‘/js/skip-link-focus-fix.js’, array(), ‘20130115’, true ); 
if ( is_singular() && comments_open() && get_option( ‘thread_comments’ ) ) {
wp_enqueue_script( ‘comment-reply’ );
add_action( ‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘wpmice_scripts’ );

Also make sure that style.css is called after the bootstrap.min.css in order to allow overwriting bootstrap 3 CSS presentation styles.

Step 5] Now open the style.css and remove everything below the stylesheet header. Using the CSS presentation styles the theme can be customized as per the requirements.

Theme Name: test
Theme URI:
Author URI:
Description: Description
Version: 1.0.0
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
License URI:
Text Domain: test
This theme, like WordPress, is licensed under the GPL.
Use it to make something cool, have fun, and share what you’ve learned with others.
test is based on Underscores, (C) 2012-2015 Automattic, Inc.
Underscores is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL v2 or later.
Normalizing styles have been helped along thanks to the fine work of
Nicolas Gallagher and Jonathan Neal
/*CSS Presentation Style*/

Amazing! The WordPress Theme is not ready to use and easily customize it as per the requirements. Hope this post was useful for the beginners who wish to design their own themes. You can also share your ideas about this post.

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7 Best Performing WordPress Themes for Marketers

No matter how great your product is and offers many features, but if it is not able to reach out to the people than it is of no use. It is very necessary to have a proper marketing of the product so that it can reach out to the targeted people. If you are creating a website related to the marketing agency than there are plenty of WordPress Themes that are available that will indeed ease your work. There are many of the options and builder tools that are provided that will indeed ease the work. It is very important to gather the requirements of a theme than make the right choice. This options include responsiveness, design, ease to understand, SEO and many more.

The below listed themes have all been built to help you generate more leads and business from your website that will indeed be a great help to you.

1) The SEO:

The SEO is the best WordPress Theme that is designed specially for the marketers. It is also build with the most powerful framework Bootstrap 3 framework. It offers with the most powerful page builder Visual Composer with offers many elements. This theme is designed by keeping SEO in mind and also provides with many layouts for the blogs.


2) ReThink:

This WordPress theme is specially designed for the affiliate marketing. It is designed very beautifully by keeping the business marketing layout in mind. This theme is fully SEO optimized which is useful for ranking your content on the search engine. This theme comes packed with so many features that allows to customize it very easily.


3) Digital Agency:

This theme is specially designed for SEO and Marketing that comes with 3 unique demo variations. There are many advanced features that are supported by this theme. There is also inbuilt case study functionality that is provided by this theme and also provides you to change the styling of the pages.


4) Ignition:

Ignition is a modern layout WordPress theme that is used for building the marketing related website in order to display all the sales related work. It provides with the effective homepage layout that can be used to drive sales or free trial signups. There are different header layouts that are provided as well as can be customized very easily.


5) Off the Shelf:

It is the best theme that is suitable for the online marketing websites. It is a powerful multipurpose theme that provides with many theme options to customize it easily.  It is integrated with 6 different demo sites that you can easily import and use- main demo. It is well integrated with landing pages that provides with landing page options as well.


6) Variant Landing Page:

This theme is designed in such a way to generate leads and that is best suitable for the marketing purpose. It is a great help to grab or get the leads for the business services. It also provides with the customizer panel that allows to customize the site easily as per the requirements. It provides with a very responsive layout that allows the visitors to easily access the site. Also it helps to showcase the testimonials of the clients.


7) Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing is the theme that is designed specially for the marketers. It provides with many great features that allows you to write about the digital marketing as well as the tricks related to it. There are lots of shortcodes and the widgets that are provided by this theme that indeed eases the task. This theme provides with a very good user experience and easily customized as per the requirements.


If you select the right theme of your choice than it will make the website very appealing. Hope the above listed Themes for the Marketers will be a great help to you to make the right choice!

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WordPress Theme to Create Replica of Flipkart Website using WooCommerce

Gone are the days when people use to visit shop to shop to get the desired product of their choice. Technology has indeed ease our lives so much that we get the product of our choice by going through its features with just certain clicks sitting at home. Due to this from past few years the eCommerce websites have gained so much of importance that allows to sell the physical goods through a digital channel. You have a wide range of choices to select from the one available such as Clothing, Electronics, Food, Home appliances or any other product. Still a question arises that why such eCommerce sites have gained so much of importance and the main reason behind it.

eCommerce Websites- Eases the work:

  • One of the main reason that it has gained so much of importance is that one can look at the product at any time as the online stores are opened 24/7.
  • It helps the user to make a comparison between different products and to find the one that is best suitable.
  • Online stores offer different deals and promotions to attract more visitors to the site.
  • You are able to shop for the product of your choice without even stepping from the place and thus saves the time.

Popularity of Flipkart:


There are many well known and famous online shopping sites available, but among all over years Flipkart has gained so much of popularity. Flipkart is the leading eCommerce site in India with market share of more than 40%.  It was founded in October 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal by just investing Rs. 4,00,000. But now the site has gained so much of popularity that the company has a target of selling 1 billion goods in a year by the end of 2017. After seeing this every startup who wishes to start an eCommerce site have the idea of Flipkart in their mind. The elements that such eCommerce websites use to build an awesome site is possible through WordPress. Also there are different plugins as well as themes available that will help to build a beautiful site same as Flipkart.

 WordPress Theme- A Replica of Flipkart:


What I found is really amazing! WooCart Theme from MyThemeShop gives the exact look and feel of Flipkart to create an amazing website. It is one of the best theme available to create the online store for selling the products online very easily. It is also bundled with many features such as:

  • There are many theme options that are available for this theme that allows to customize the site as per the requirements.
  • To make the site eye catching for the visitors, there is Featured Slider and carousels available for latest or featured products.
  • To have a better understanding of the product there is zoom in effect provided by the product images.
  • Allows to compare between the different products and to make the better choice.
  • This theme is well designed by keeping SEO in mind to establish a page for the search engines.
  • In order to provide a better experience and allow the visitors to navigate easily, there are breadcrumbs that are provided.

It is truly amazing that even a person who is not a developer or with no technical knowledge is able to design the site same as Flipkart which has gained so much of popularity among people. WordPress offers you with so many themes that allows you to build a perfect website depending upon the situation. Also instead of approaching different theme clubs, you will find all the themes under a single roof in PurposeThemes along with ratings and reviews.  Feel free to contact us if you are confused to select the right eCommerce theme for your site!

Well, Flipkart technical and development team keep working on the design and always keep improving. But with few customization, one can achieve similar look and feel using the WooCart WordPress theme from MyThemeShop.

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Visual Composer vs. Divi Page Builder vs. Themify Builder Plugin for WordPress

Like other website builders available on web, WordPress is also having many drag and drop page builders. It comes either along with some premium themes or are available as standalone plugin too.  Page builder varies from theme to theme but their purpose remains the same.  I decided to pick some of the popular page builders that are offered by different theme clubs to compare and find which one is better for you. In this article, I will show the final results based on all pros and cons of Visual Composer vs. Divi Builder vs. Themify Builder Page Builder Plugins.

I know it is not a simple task, but it would be definitely fruitful for you while making the choice for the theme as well as page builder.

Why Page Builders are so Important?

Before actually proceeding and making the comparison between different page builders, it is very important to know about the role that is played by it for building a beautiful site. In order to present the content in a beautiful way to attract more visitors without using a single piece of code, page builder plays an amazing role for it. WordPress page builders can be considered as tool to build a good website without wiring any piece of code. One of the best thing that it offers is that even a person with no technical knowledge can easily use such page builder and create a stylish webpage. You feel that the full control to place different elements using drag and drop method is with you and you can create or modify the page without much effort.

I have considered some of the factors such as ease of customization, design, simplicity to understand and the effective result while making the comparison between these themes. I have selected 3 important and most famous Page Builder Plugins i.e. Visual Composer, Divi Builder and Themify Builder. 

1) Visual Composer Page Builder


It would be insane if you talk about the page builder without considering Visual Composer. It is one of the most famous page builder offered by WPBakery with more than 223,648 Downloads and 14,000 reviews. It provides with an attractive page layout without even touching or writing any piece of code. Drag and drop elements and modules make Visual Composer a handy and must have tool for those who are not familiar with writing HTML, CSS and PHP programs.

I’ve been doing WordPress development for 6+ yrs. Visual Composer is one of the best time savers I’ve ever used. Click To Tweet

I have evaluated this page builder by considering some of the factors as below:

Features offered:

  • Visual Composer offers you with the options for both back-end and front-end editing.
  • It comes with over 40+ elements like Text Block, Row, Separator, Text Separator, Message Box, Facebook Like, Google+, Pinterest, FAQ, Single Image, Image Gallery, Tabs, Accordion, Icon Element, Posts Slider, widgetized Sidebar, Button, Call to Action, etc. that can be used to build the pages.
  • Keeps a proper rack on the history of the Page Builder.
  • There can be different roles and access that can be set for different user groups through the settings.
  • It offers with different default templates that can be used easily and also allows to save the particular template.
  • It works well with any WordPress theme.
  • To give your site a new and beautiful look, you do not have to master in coding languages such as CSS and HTML, it provides you with a good editor and allows to make the changes with simplicity.

Ease of use:

As there are so many options and elements that are offered by Visual Composer so it is good to be familiar with the options initially and then proceed further. Initially a person with less technical knowledge will find it very difficult to use it. It is advised to go through the documentation and the tutorials.


  • If you deactivate Visual Composer plugin because of any reason, the content area will be populated with shortcodes. The content will not look good in case you decide to remove the plugin.
  • The extra JS and CSS files will load on all posts and pages even if you are not using Visual Composer editor on that page. You need to optimize the site to keep the load time intact.


The cost of Visual Composer is $34 and there is additional $11.25 for extending the support to 12 months. Popular theme clubs like Tesla Themes Club and many theme authors on Themeforest Themes Club also offers Visual Composer along with their selected themes.

More Info + Download Visual Composer

2) Divi Page Builder


One of the greatest and useful theme offered by Elegant themes is Divi. It is one of the best multipurpose WordPress theme with a nice responsive design and different pre-made layouts. It is bundled with so many features and ready templates. Apart from that it comes with a powerful and flexible page builder named Divi Builder. You can easily create beautiful, rich and professional pages using Divi Builder without writing any piece of code. Whether you want to add columns, extra rows, progress bar, testimonial blocks, accordions, countdown timer, pricing table; these are just drag and drop.

Divi Builder became more powerful with Divi 3.0 release with the capability of Front-end Editor. So now you can build a complete webpage from front-end and the UI for the same is clutter free. Elegant Theme team ran Divi 100 days marathon before releasing Divi 3.0 update and the most shouted feature was Front-end Edit capability of Divi Builder. YOu can verify the same in Divi 3.0 change-log.

@davewalker been using Divi from Elegant Themes a bit. It’s not perfect but a good, simple theme with a page builder. Click To Tweet

The factors that were taken into consideration while evaluating this theme is as given below:

Features offered:

  • Front-end editor introduced with Divi 3.0 update
  • It allows to use the pre-defined layout and even allows to create your own layout.
  • There are about 30 modules and 20 different column layouts that are offered by Divi. Some of the modules are Accordion, Audio, Bar Counters, Blog, Blurb, Call To Action, Circle Counter, Code, Contact Form, Divider, Email Option, Login, Map, Number Counter, Portfolio, Post Title, Pricing Tables, Shop, Testimonial, Text, Video, Video Slider.
  • It allows to represent the content in a beautiful way though you are not a developer or a person with less technical knowledge.
  • There can be different roles that can be set in order use the module that you want to use
  • It also provides with a very good user experience and you require very less time to become familiar with it.

Ease of use:

Though there are different options and modules that are available with the Divi Page Builder but it requires some time to get familiar with it. Once you are used to it, you can create really nice looking pages in no time. The most important thing is that it is very easy to maintain or update the pages.


  • If you deactivate Divi Builder plugin or change Divi theme, the content will start showing all shortcodes. You will have to manually align and fix the content which is a time consuming task if have so many pages or posts created using the same.


You need to join Elegant Theme Membership to get all themes and plugin of the club. Divi Builder comes along with Divi theme as well as it also comes as a separate plugin. You can use Divi Builder with other themes even from other authors too. But I would recommend Divi Builder to use along with Divi or Extra theme by Elegant Themes only.

Get Divi Builder at 20% OFF

3) Themify Builder


Another good page builder is Themify Builder which is again a drag and drop page builder with multiple elements. It is having a live preview option to see the changes live as you are doing. There are ready to use modules that can be used for pages as well as post.

Below are some of the factors that were used for the evaluation of the product.

Features offered:

  • Themify builder allows you to build the website pages easily from the front end as well as back-end.
  • It is bundled with many modules and also allows you to drag and drop the interface.
  • It also allows you to use it with the other themes besides the Themify themes.
  • Themify builder offers 40+ pre-designed layouts and more than 15 modules to choose from. Some of the modules are Accordion, Box, Callout, Divider, Feature, Gallery, Image, Layout Part, Map, Menu and many more.
  • It is easy to understand and you need not invest much time to understand it.
  • Add-ons for this builder boost the feature of Themify Builder even more

Ease of Use:

Themify Builder is very easy to understand and implement. Once you enable this builder (auto enabled in Themify Themes), you will understand how to use it. It comes with many animations, which you may find helpful if your project requires. Using this builder is not that difficult.


  • Customization option for each element is a bit restricted.
  • If you deactivate the plugin, the content area will be filled with shortcodes.
  • Front-end editor look a little over-populated with options


This builder comes with all the themes of Themify as part of the framework. But if you wish to use the plugin with some other theme than you can easily get it at $39.

Get All Themes and Themify Builder  Get only Themify Builder

Which is the Best Page Builder?

Even if a Visual Page Builder creates some problems related to placement of multiple shortcode in content area, they are god sent help for many WordPress users. With such plugins, you can design a professional looking website and page without hiring a developer. It solves the problem of non-technical person or who are not comfortable in writing HTML, CSS by themselves. You can easily add elements which are not so easy to create or write from scratch using the programs.

After spending a good amount of time with all three page builder plugins, Here is how I rate these.

goldDivi Builder Get Divi Builder
silverVisual Composer Get Visual Composer
bronzeThemify Builder Get Themify Builder

Summing up

All three Page Builder plugins are good and solves the purpose in the same way or different. Rather than waiting for the developer or a designer to build every page of your website, you can build by yourself. These plugins are loaded with features and templates. Divi Builder is having the maximum number of ready-to-add elements. Apart from these three plugins, I am a big fan of Beaver Builder for WordPress too. The main advantage of Beaver Builder is that it doesn’t mess the content area with shortcodes if you deactivate the plugin later.

So with these page builder plugins, everyone is a designer and everyone can build a nice looking pages or even a complete website without writing any code. Let me know which is your favorite page builder WordPress plugin and why.

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This is How I Found Perfect WordPress Theme for My Requirement!

Searching WordPress Themes

WordPress is truly awesome that allows you to build a beautiful website easily with absolutely no technical knowledge. As there are so many options that are available to build a beautiful site, so it definitely becomes very difficult to make the choice that is best suitable.

To share my personal experience with you guys the job was pretty difficult. I really love to pen down my thoughts and share it with others and get their feedback. One of my good friend suggested me to start my own personal blogging website where everything can be tracked very easily. Initially I was bit hesitant to start my own fully fledged site, but due to the motivation and encouragement I got from my friends I finally made up my mind to do so. I decided to choose WordPress for my personal blogging website and I am really proud of my decision as almost half of all new websites run on WordPress which is really amazing. More over it is an open source that too available for free.

Challenges faced in creating a website:

Though everything was ready in my mind, the way my site should look and its content but there were some big hurdles that I had to cross to reach my goal. And those hurdles comprised of:

  • Getting Hosting: Getting a good hosting for your site is really very important, so a wise choice is to be made while making the selection for it.
  • Setting a budget: Being a start up it is good to know about the budget that you have and the way it should be invested. It is always advised to start with a low pace and when you get some profits from it than definitely you can invest more.
  • Establishing your place for Search Engines: Getting a rank for the search engines is the core and important part for building a website. So the site should be designed in such a way by keeping SEO in mind and it should be SEO optimized.
  • Building Content : For any of the blogging website, content can be considered as its backbone. So it is good to plan and categorized the content that is to be published.
  • First impression: Looks and Home page plays a vital role in diverting traffic to your site. So design and present the site in such a way that will attract more visitors to your site.

WordPress Themes- Enhancing the look of the site:

The success of any of the WordPress site development depends largely on the themes that you are choosing. So it is very important to have a close look on the theme that will be best suited for the site that you are building. Some of the important factors that can be considered while selecting the theme includes:

  • Clean look: The look of the website always depends on the first page. This can be easily achieved by selecting the right WordPress Theme that is best suited for the site that is build by you.
  • Easy to customize: It is very important that the theme which is selected by you should be easy to customize as per the requirements and should provide with the theme options to do so. This will avoid to make any changes with the code or CSS.
  • Responsive: The theme that is to be selected is to be responsive that will allow the visitors to easily access the site from anywhere. This can be considered as a very important feature for selecting of the right theme.
  • Loading Speed: The performance of any of the theme depends on the quality of the code, so the page loading speed of the website depends on the the theme that one is using.
  • SEO: It is mandatory that the theme is to be designed by keeping SEO in mind, so to have a better results on the search engines the code of the theme is to be SEO optimized.
  • Additional features: It is good to have the theme that provides you with some additional plugins and theme options that will ease the work and definitely help in enhancing the look of the site.

PurposeThemes: The real Savior:

There are so many WordPress Themes available under so many theme clubs and authors. To name a few of them is Themeforest, StudioPress, Themify, Press75 and still many more…. I was in real confusion and frustrated to find the right theme by considering all the factors that are mentioned above. To be frank with you I really thought that I should hire a person with immense knowledge who will check these factors and find the best theme for me… LOL 🙂 I know the pains that I took initially to just find the theme for my blogging site. I still remember one day while searching the theme for my site I came across Fable theme by Elegant themes. You won’t believe what I found was totally amazing. I came across PurposeThemes which was a central place for all the themes from all the theme authors, various categories, features. Gosh! This was what I needed!There are about 526 themes available just for the blogging category.

PurposeThemes is an ocean of WordPress Themes Click To Tweet

It consisted of:

  • Themes listed based on different categories
  • ptScore given to each of the theme based on Design, Speed, Responsiveness, Ease of Customization, SEO, Security and Pricing.
  • ptReview for some of the famous themes given by experts after evaluating.
  • Comparison between different themes
  • Each theme comprising of description, offers section, attributes and the related theme.
  • User reviews along with their scoring.
  • And the related theme for the one you are searching.

This was like WOW! Why would somebody invest so much time in searching different platforms when there is everything under a single roof.

I will really appreciate the efforts that is put forth by the team in listing mostly all the themes and thus saving our time and efforts. Also a person with basic technical knowledge and who is not a developer will find it the best way to choose the best theme. I will surely recommend all the WordPress users to have a look on PurposeThemes and feel free to share their views, just as I did!

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What Makes Visual Composer or Page Builder WordPress plugins Helpful

Page Builder or Visual Composer

WordPress has indeed been very useful to the users to manage their content in a better way. It gives freedom to them to customize it as per their requirements with very less technical knowledge. If you are familiar with the HTML/CSS or you have the coding knowledge then it is indeed very advantageous for you as it allows you to customize the WordPress Theme as the way you want. But what if you are not familiar with any of the coding part and still you are planning to make the changes in the layout of the content. So by keeping this in mind WordPress Page Builder Plugins were introduced.

What is a WordPress Page Builder Plugin?

WordPress allows to present the content in an attractive manner for the visitors without using the code for it. There is no need to make any of the changes in the HTML or CSS, Page Builder plugins allows to style the area of the theme very easily. It gives you the chance to add rows as well as columns for the content and it can be dragged and dropped very easily.

Advantages of WordPress Page Builder Plugin:

  • Very simple to use and allows the user to simply drag and drop the elements.
  • There is no coding or technical knowledge required to use a page builder plugin.
  • Makes your content look appealing and attract more visitors to the site.
  • Gives you the full control to customize the look of the site

There are free Page Builder plugins available also there are premium themes that comes with Visual Composer plugin.

Free WordPress Page Builder- Site Origin Page Builder:

  • One of the free theme available for the Page Builder is the Site Origin Page Builder which is a very responsive theme.It is bundled with many good features in order to give a fresh look to your site and they are:
  • It allows to change the order of rows and also to change the size of the columns.
  • Visual composer comes packed with 40+ elements like Text Block, Row, Separator, Text Separator, Message Box, Facebook Like, Google+, Pinterest, FAQ, Single Image, Image Gallery, Tabs, Accordion, Icon Element, Posts Slider, widgetized Sidebar, Button, Call to Action, etc.
  • If you want to change the position of the element there is a simple drag and drop available for it.
  • It keeps the track on the history of the Page Builder.
  • Through the Live editor it gives the exact preview of the content and that can be easily edited.

Visual Composer Plugin:

Visual Composer is one of the premium plugin with almost more than 1,000,000+ Downloads that allows to give a full control on the site. This plugin allows to create an attractive layout for the site without touching any piece of code. It is one of the best drag and drop page builder bundled with so many great features.

NOTE: Most of the themes from themeforest and many other themes comes with Visual Composer plugin, there is no need to purchase it separately. I have downloaded one of the theme from themeforest and I got this plugin.  You also get Revolution Slider plugin along with it which is to be activated.

Visual Composer Settings:

When the plugin is activated then there will be different options related to the settings on the admin panel and they are:

1) General Settings:

All the settings related to the responsiveness of the mobiles and tablets and subsets of the Google fonts for the content elements can be selected from here.

2) Role Manager:

It allows to give a control on different options and settings for the particular user group from here. There can be different access and rights that can be set for Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor and Shop Manager.

3) Design options:

When this option is enabled then custom CSS file is used for it. It will allow you to change the color of different elements such as the accent color, hover color, Google maps background etc. One can also set the width of the mobile screen and bottom margin of the elements from here.

4) Custom CSS:

The CSS code for the plugin can be added from here without actually modifying the files for it.

5) Shortcode Mapper:

It allows to add the shortcodes of the third party vendors to the content elements by adding the shortcode string for it.

6) Grid Builder:

Grid Builder allows to represent the posts and other posts types in an elegant way to attract more visitors. There are different grid elements that can be used. It allows to add the grid from this option.

Working of Visual Composer:

Ones this plugin is activated, you will find the Backend editor as well as the Frontend editor button in order to access the builder. This will allow you to add different elements and save different settings on the particular page.

Page Elements:

When you click on the Backend editor then different page elements can be added for it. They are categorized into different categories such as Content, Social, Structure, New Elements, WordPress Widgets, Navigation and Deprecated. There are about 40+ predefined elements that can be added. In order to rearrange the elements this can be simply done by the drag and drop method. There are also many options that are present for it such as the Social Sharing, Carousels, Sliders, different widgets, maps and many more.

On the admin panel one will also find the option Team as well as Works (portfolios) where the details can be filled and can be used for the elements.


This option allows saving the current layout as a template and lists them all towards the bottom. It allows to use the previously saved template with the current layout. There are also some of the default templates that are provided that can be easily appended to the current layout.

Frontend Editor:

Visual Composer also provides with front end editor that allows the user to make the changes for the particular page from the front end. It consists of all the options such as Add Element, Add TextBlock and Add Template that are similar to the back end editor. It also allows to change the title of the page and also add the Custom CSS settings for it.

Apart from the above 2 Page builders, If you purchase Developers Membership of Elegant Themes, you get Divi Page Builder along with that. Tesla Themes Club also offers Visual Composer along with their few themes.

This WordPress Plugins have indeed ease the task of the users who love WordPress and the thing that is pulling them back is the lack of technical knowledge. Such Page Builder WordPress Plugin gives you the control to present the content of the page in an attractive manner and it is indeed an icing on the cake for them!

Do you think Page Builders are great help in creating a nice layout without much effort? Which is your favorite Page builder plugin? Share your thoughts in comments.

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How to take Backup of WordPress Themes and Restore

One of the biggest nightmare that one can ever get is that you have lost all the information related to your website during installation or it has been hit by a malicious attack. WordPress is the most popular web platform and because of this, the chances to be hacked by hackers becomes at highest priority. At times the website will not be targeted specifically but is hacked due to certain plugins or the themes.  No one can give an assurance that there website is safe from any type of attacks. So the best way to avoid such type of situations is by backing up of WordPress Themes.

Ways to Backup WordPress Themes:

  • Manual Backups:

Manual Backups of the WordPress themes is one that gives you the direct control of what is backed up. But at times it is not convenient to take up the backups manually every time. There is also a possibility that due to work load or pressure one has skipped the manual backup process.  Also at times it can be time consuming process.

  • Web hosting Company:

Web hosting company also takes the daily backups of the data that is stored on their servers. But there is no guarantee of data loss and data corruptions. So it is not wise to depend on the web hosting companies for the backup as they are not responsible for any data loss.

  • WordPress Backup Plugins:

WordPress Backup Plugins are the best way to completely automate the WordPress backup process. There are various paid as well as free WordPress Plugins that are available and which are very easy to use.

To list some of these WordPress Plugins that will help to backup are:

1) VaultPress:

VaultPress is one of the WordPress Plugin founded by Matt Mullenweg to backup the site. They offer automated backups with easy restores and also daily security scans. It provides with real time cloud backup solution.


2) BackupBuddy:

BackupBuddy is the best way to backup a WordPress site. It is the plugin that is made by iThemes that offer a comprehensive solution for backing up of the sites. It is easy to schedule the daily, weekly or monthly backups and storing them on the Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, Stash and even emailing it to yourself.


3) UpdraftPlus:

It is another WordPress Plugin that allows to create complete backup of the WordPress site that can be either stored in the cloud or can be downloaded into your computer. It is completely free but there is a premium version of the plugin with additional features and addons.  It also offers database encryption for an added level of security.


4) BackUpWordPress:

It will take the backup of the entire site including the database and all the files. It  includes scheduling so one can create different schedule for the files and the database. The free version will not allow you to store the backups to a cloud storage service. If one wants to store the backups to a place other than the hard drive then he will have to purchase the extensions.


5) Duplicator:

In order to migrate the WordPress sites Duplicator is very popular WordPress Plugin. This Plugin requires a good technical knowledge for it to work properly. One of its drawback is that it does not allow you to create automated scheduled backups.


6) WordPress Backup to Dropbox:

It is one of the free plugin that backups all the the files and a SQL dump of its database to the Dropbox. One can also schedule the backups to upload it to your Dropbox account.


8) BackWPup:

It helps to take the complete backup to complete installation including /wp-content/ and pushing them into external backup services. One can schedule automatic backups and also restore from the backups.


Backing up of the site can be considered as the wisest decision that one can made. But for this you will have to decide the WordPress Plugin that will perform this job of backing up of your themes efficiently and automatically.  The decision is always yours!

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9 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes of 2015

One of the best way to build an online portfolio of listings is through the WordPress Themes. WordPress is a powerful content management system that will work great for running a real estate website. It will also reduce your task to hire high paid web designers in order to build your real estate website. There are many themes that are available that will help to give a good look to your website. Some of the beautiful WordPress Themes for Real Estate are as given below:

1) OpenDoor:

It is a Real Estate and Car Dealership theme. There are multiple Theme options that are provided to add logo, change styling, footer options, header settings etc. The current Openhouse/ Car listings will easily carry over to this theme so there will not be any need to repost them. It is well integrated with the plugin in order to Compare your OpenHouse/ Car Listings upto 5 items at a time. Social Medias like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr and Pinterest links are supported in widget.


2) ElegantEstate:

It is focused on real estate business that gives full functional support to the real estate website. It will help for promoting the sale at higher level by drawing the attention put on the site. The visitor will get the detailed page of the property with all the related information when he clicks on a specific property. It will include the information like images, location, price and much more. It will automatically create a custom thumbnail image. It consist of Property listing layout and theme option with galleries.


3) Megalith:

This theme is very useful to the business firms working in niches like architecture, construction, engineering, heavy industry, mining etc. It is a responsive theme which consists of large home page that contains a revolution slider and it id very beautifully designed. It also supports some of the popular WordPress plugins. It is compatible with all the latest browsers. There are different page templates that are created for this theme. Also the slider will display the contents using full-width featured image layout.


4) AgentPress Pro:

It is the theme that is powered by StudioPress and it is one of the fully responsive theme. To highlight a few features of this theme, creating number of different page templates, Custom menus and background and different layout options. The home page can be designed depending upon the needs of the user.

In order to make the listing more interactive, one can insert video or google map embed code. In order to highlight the properties and search options it consists of Widgetized sidebar.

agentpresspro (1)

5) Real Estate Pro:

It is one of the most responsive theme which is very easy to manage as well as install. One can easily create the property listings and set the listing status, listing type and location. One can also add the other details, attach brochures, floor plans and also the energy certificates. One can customize any of the page very easily with the page builder. It is compatible with all the internet browsers and also has built in support for the google fonts.


6) Realty:

This theme is designed to cater the needs of real estate agencies. It consists of different features such as 3 different demos, Retina display support, Google maps integration, customization option and WPML support. It is one of the very responsive theme and its homepage has a full width slider. It also has an ability to display high resolution photo. Due to its property management on the frontend that makes it very easy for the agents and the property owners to manage the listing of the properties.


7) Realtor:

This theme is specially created for the real estate professionals, agencies, portals, real estate listing sites etc. It is very responsive and comes with some special features and functions. There are lots of features that are related to this particular industry and that includes property listings, advanced property filter and search, properties map, profile page and different styles of individual property pages. It also consists of awesome icons, translation support, HTML5, CSS3 and W3C valid source code.


8) Winning Agent:

It is one of the perfect theme that is available for the real estate listings, for showing of your personality and community. Some of its features includes 4 Theme colors, custom header, footer widgets, HTML5 Markup, mobile responsive and the theme options. It also consists of the beautiful homepage that contains a background image and also allows to insert the welcome message for the visitors. It also supports Social Media Integration and also it is compatible with all the browsers.

winning agent (1)

9) WP Residence:

It is the premium real estate theme that is specially designed for real estate independent agents and agencies. Based on the monthly subscription other people can also be allowed to submit their properties for free. It supports various features such as Properties Advanced Search, Google Maps with property location markers, Ajax filters for properties list, user login and register with white labelled dashboard. It also offers payment integration with PayPal and Stripe for CC Payments, payment with Wire Transfer, Visual Composer Page Builder Plugin and many more. It is WPML compatible and also supports various Advanced Search and header options.



The real estate agencies will be able to promote the properties it offers successfully through their website. Having any of the above listed themes for your website will definitely attract more visitors to your site and will help to list out all the portfolios beautifully!

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How to Choose Best Suitable WordPress Theme Framework

WordPress Theme Framework

One of the biggest question that arises in the minds of people when they have decided to build a website for their product is regarding its look and features. The best way to give a new feel and look to your website is through WordPress Theme Framework. There are so many WordPress Theme Framework available and making the choice from them is really confusing. But before switching on to WordPress Theme Framework it is really important to have an understanding about it.

What is WordPress Theme Framework?

A WordPress theme framework is a code library that is used to facilitate development of a theme. It consists of extra features that allows the users to customize, adapt and also extend it. The theme frameworks are intended to be used as a parent theme template where all the functionality will reside. Framework can be considered as a most efficient way to create WordPress Theme. It can be considered as a starter theme that will help to boost your performance and efficiency. It is also used for featuring in depth templating systems. It also helps to get faster the process of designing and coding the WordPress theme. Thus it also saves the time also it is very easy to update for the future releases of WordPress.

Some of the popular WordPress theme frameworks are Atahualpa, Genesis, Thesis, Hybrid Core, Gantry and many more. Here are few pointers which one should check in framework before using the same.

Factors that should be kept in mind to choose WordPress Theme Framework:

There are certain factors that are to be kept in mind while the choice is to be made for selecting the best WordPress Theme and those are:

Responsive Design:

While selecting a particular WordPress Theme Framework it is very important that the particular theme is responsive. It should be operative on all the devices which will allow the visitors to access it anywhere and anytime. Looking for the WordPress theme which is responsive can be considered as one of the important factor before making a choice for the WordPress Theme Framework.

Support, Documentation and Help:

Though you are an expert and have all the technical knowledge but it is always good to have someone from the support team to guide you. Also make sure that the theme is updated regularly and the support team is always there to render you the help for sorting your issues.

Flexibility to Extend:

The WordPress Theme Framework that is to be selected is to be flexible. One should be able to customize the layout as well as the design. Also one should also be able to extend the framework. It should provide you with the environment to customize the themes easily.

Good Code with Standards:

When you are using a framework make sure that it follows certain coding standards so that it can work well with all the plugins. Keep on testing and take reviews from others before making the choice.


It should provide with all the features where one must be able to keep a track on all the styles, layouts and other SEO related features. According to the needs and requirements one should select the WordPress Theme framework that will go well with the website.


These are some of the points that will help you to make a better choice for the framework. Besides these there are other factors that are also to be considered while selecting a particular theme. One should also keep a track on the Performance and Security of the theme that is selected. Following these points you will be definitely able to make the right choice for the WordPress Theme Framework. Genesis and Thesis are recommended commercial WordPress theme framework. If you are looking for free WordPress theme framework, Atahualpa, Gantry and Hybrid are good ones.

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87 WordPress Themes of Elegant Themes Listed on PurposeThemes

Elegant Themes on PurposeThemes

There are multiple sites that are available which are developed by WordPress. It is the best step that one can take during developing a website. Design and look of the website plays a very important role as it is the first impression that the audience gets from your website. So it is very important that one can utilize some time to select the appropriate WordPress Themes.

Elegant Themes: Offering the themes with Good looks and Amazing Features!

Elegant Themes is the place where you will find the themes which are not only beautiful but also offers some of the best and amazing features. There are about 87 WordPress Themes that are offered by the Elegant Themes.  Some of its features are as stated below:

  • Control over all the features through General Settings:

One can easily access the website without actually touching the line of code. One can keep a track on all the settings as well as manage and control the layout from elegant themes panel.

  • Easily Integrated:

For adding social media or analytics snippets it provides with the integration tab that allows to input the code in various areas in the theme.

  • Implementing Short codes:

One can create beautiful and complex layouts with ease with the large collection of the short code. This will improve the functionality as well as the content.

  • Page Templates applicable to individual page:

It makes it easy to apply each template to the individual page. It also allows you to have the access to pre-made styles and functions.

  • Support and Updates:

In case of any queries the users can directly contact the support team and get it solved in no time. The themes are always compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Elegant Themes Example:

It is one of the most popular theme which allows the Divi page builder where one can drag and drop different elements to build a page. It is compatible with most of the Plugins.

In order to showcase products and services using WordPress CMS Vertex is very useful. It comes with lots of animations and effects also it has a very responsive layout.

Elegant Themes listed on Purpose Themes:

There are about 87 WordPress Themes that are offered by Elegant Themes and one will easily find all these themes easily with all the features and comparison between them in Purpose Themes. It is a place where one can easily compare between the themes from multiple theme authors and clubs.  Our team is still continuing with the Indexing of the themes and one will find the detailed review of the themes with our upcoming releases.