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Get Notified When Your Favorite WordPress Theme’s Price Drops

Internet is full of Premium WordPress Themes with hundreds of Themes Clubs and Thousands of Authors. Theme Clubs offer special discount like Black Friday Deals, Anniversary Deals, Thanksgiving Offers etc. and reduce the price to 50% or even more. If you have not subscribed to the theme club, you may miss such offers and even it is not possible to subscribe such offers from all theme clubs. What if a service can alert you when the price drops. PurposeThemes offers you “Set Price Alert” feature to set a price that you like to purchase a particular theme for, and when the theme’s price drops, PurposeThemes will send you an email.

When the Theme Price Drops?

As mentioned earlier, regular price for Premium themes are between $40 – $99. Few days back, Themeforest authors started experimenting with price tag of $300 for a single theme too, but it’s not the general case. Generally you find theme for $40 and membership options between $70 – $199. When the festive seasons or holiday seasons come, theme clubs start giving special discount of up to 60% on club membership. The upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are about to go live. Some theme clubs reduce price of their old theme after certain period of time as well. Tesla Themes and MyThemeShop is an example for the same. Theme Clubs like Themify runs special discount almost every month and they reduce the price of a theme at the launch time too.

These are few scenarios when Theme Clubs reduce the price of premium WordPress Themes.

How to “Set Price Alert” for Premium Themes?

On every theme page indexed on PurposeThemes, there is an option “Set Price Alert”

  • Both Logged-in and Non Logged-in users can set price alert. The only difference is that Logged-in users can see the list of all set alerts and modify individually.
  • To set the price alert, Click on “Set Price Alert” button as shown below


  • A pop-up will ask for the Target Price. When the theme’s price drops less than this set price, you will receive an alert via email. For example, I am setting the price alert for PointPro theme by MyThemeShop to $30. The regular price for this theme is $59.
  • Enter your email address where you want to receive the alert.


  • Enter the reCAPTCHA and Set Alert.

Now you have set the alert for PointPro WordPress Theme saying that notify me when the price comes down to $30.

After few weeks, a holiday season comes and MTS dropped the price of PointPro to $19 as they have done for Black Friday 2016. PurposeTheme will notify you saying that the price of your set theme has come down to $19 which is less than your set price.


Set Price Alert feature is available on all premium WordPress themes listed on PurposeThemes.

The complete process is as simple as setting a price alert on your favorite eCommerce website. Now you can purchase Premium WordPress Theme at a price set by you. Share this amazing tool with your friends, colleagues and clients to avoid missing an opportunity to buy your favorite WordPress theme.

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Search, Preview and Install Free Themes from WordPress Customizer

WordPress 4.7 beta 1 has been already released and the new default theme Twenty Seventeen is bundled with that. The final version of WordPress 4.7 is scheduled to release on December 6, 2016. This version is coming with lot many new features including Themes Search and Install option from Customizer window. It means you don’t need to go to the Appearance ==> Themes page to search and install a new theme. Just open the Customizer and if you find that the current theme is not doing the expected task, just search and install free theme without leaving the Customizer. It also allows you to preview the new theme after installation.

This is exactly how the new Customizer ==> Themes panel looks.


Check Featured, Popular and Latest Themes from

On Customizer ==> Themes window, you can see 3 options to list themes from repository – Featured, Popular and Latest. The Customizer window will show an option to install and preview these themes without leaving the page.

Feature Filter to Search and Install Free Themes

Some filters are also provided on Customizer to show only selected themes from theme repository. Here are some important filters available,

  • Layout – This filter allows you to see theme with certain layouts only. For example, if you are looking for theme with grid layout to showcase posts, select the Layout filter as Grid. Similarly, you can also select One Column, Two Column, Three Column, Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar layouts as filter to show themes with these layouts only.
  • Features – Based on features available with the theme, you can search and list the themes. For example, if you are looking for BuddyPress compatible themes, select the “BuddyPress” feature from this filter. Apart from that, there are many other features filter available such as accessibility ready, custom background, theme option, RTL ready and many more.
  • Subject – This filter allows you to select the category or the purpose of the theme. If you are looking for eCommerce themes, select the filter “eCommerce” in the Subject. Other subjects available are blog, holiday, photography, portfolio, news, education, food and drink etc.

Get Favorites from Account

You can also fetch your favorite themes from repository directly into the Customizer window. WordPress allows you to set favorite to the themes using your account. Now you like to see and install your favorite theme, that can be done using the “Favorites” option on the Customizer ==> Themes panel. This option is not restricted to only your favorites, but you can fetch any other account holder’s favorites by entering his account name.

Exploring and installing themes from Customizer enables WordPress users to make all changes in the look and feel of the site using only one panel i.e. Customizer. With WordPress 4.7, the Customizer has become more powerful and useful.

Update – Search, Install and Preview of Themes from Customizer has been removed from WordPress 4.7 beta 2 because of the following reasons.

  • Displaying on mobile devices is broken.
  • Inability to close the feature/filter accordion.
  • Checkmarks are overlayed on top of the search form.
  • The full-screen plus reload experience isn’t polished.

Here is what Helen Hou-Sandí, WordPress 4.7 release lead said about the changes,

This is a great goal for core, and is close, but it is not in shape to be shipped for 4.7 and there is not enough time left in the development cycle to alter and polish sufficiently. There are bugs, but more than that, there are more fundamental questions around the use of existing UI, general UX, and how findable themes are (not) on the .org side.