Yugo Theme Documentation

1.Quick start guide

Yugo WordPress Theme comes with fully featured blog and widgetized landing page template. Once you install and activate the theme, install “Page Builder” plugin (it shows up as recommended when you activate the theme).

The Page Builder plugin will help you add the Yugo inbuilt widgets anywhere inside your post or page.

Landing Page

There is a special “Landing” Page template which can be used to create full width landing page with the blocks placed in any order or as shown on the demo of Yugo.

You can either use the “Landing Page” widgetized area/sidebar” or if you don’t use this, you can use page builder to build the landing page.

Yugo Landing Page Widgets Setup
Yugo Landing Page Widgets Setup

The benefit with using page builder is that you can create multiple landing pages using the same template. But if you put widgets in the “Landing Page” sidebar, these widgets will be visible on all the pages which use this template. So I would suggest you use the page builder in case you need the layout similar to landing page on multiple pages of your site. In case you need a single page such as the demo, you can use the widgets, which is an easy option.


2.Landing Page and Available Widgets

Yugo theme provides eight inbuilt widgets to show different type of content in widgetized areas.

Yugo Free WordPress Theme Available Widgets
Yugo WordPress Theme Available Widgets

You can see all the eight widgets being used on the front page of the Yugo theme demo as shown in the below screenshot:

Yugo WordPress Theme Landing Page Setup
Yugo WordPress Theme Landing Page Setup

3.Yugo Call To Action Widget

You can add a bold and beautiful action button with a title text. The link can be set to be opened in the same window or in the new window. You can upload background image for the widget or set custom background color. There is an option to specify if the background set is light or dark.

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